Forza Horizon 4 hits 7 million players across PC and Xbox One

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s first-party racing simulator Forza Horizon 4 has hit a new milestone and solidifies its title as “best-selling racing franchise of this console generation,” as it crosses seven million players across both Xbox and PCs.

Seven million players for any game is impressive but to do it in 3 months as neither a first-person-shooter or open-world action/adventure, could be seen as an achievement all by itself.

Within the first few days of launch, Forza Horizon 4 garnered upwards of two million players and similar to Microsoft’s other first party success story, Sea of Thieves, Horizon 4 continues to deliver additional gameplay incentives in DLCs and update patches.

Horizon4 serves as the perennial racing simulator this console generation as Sony’s PlayStation abdicated the throne when its Grand Turismo franchise got caught up in development limbo. As more Forza titles make themselves accessible on PCs with cross-play functionality, the franchise may run away with the racing crown for some time to come.