Fortnite video game’s Chapter 2 Season 2 update gets huge cryptic marketing push on a global scale

Brad Stephenson

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

The second season of new content for the Fortnite video game’s Chapter Two is currently being teased in a rather ambitious marketing campaign involving real-world advertising, phone numbers, social media posts, and in-game teases.

Both traditional and video posters began popping up around the globe over the past 24 hours in cities ranging from Tokyo, Japan to Melbourne, Australia. Each featured cryptic artwork and a phone number to call. Those that called these numbers were given a unique pre-recorded message regarding some sort of secret agency or spy network.

In addition to the posters and phone numbers, an account called the Agency has popped up on Discord, which seems to be a part of the promotion, and all of the official Fortnite social media accounts have updated their graphics to feature the new black and gold aesthetic. The Fortnite game’s icon on Xbox One has also updated with this new look.

The most-notable tease for Chapter Two, Season Two is within the Fortnite game itself. Players who load up the game and select the popular Battle Royale mode are immediately greeted with a kind of hack, digital distortion before being taken to the main menu.

Here’s a video I recorded of it earlier today:

The new season of content is expected to go live on the 20th, just a day or two from now, so fans of the mega-popular video game won’t have to wait too long to see what’s in store. The update will likely include the usual addition of numerous skins, emotes, and axes but a map change is also possible though it’s unclear how big of a change it will be.

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