Fortnite video game gets an exciting new mode for creators called Fortnite Creative

Brad Stephenson

Fortnite video game on Xbox One

The insanely-popular Fortnite video game will be adding a third mode today as part of the launch of Season Seven.

Named, Fortnite Creative, this new mode will join the existing Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World modes and will offer players their own private in-game islands for building structures either with themselves or with friends. The creations can be basic physical buildings but there’s also the potential for players to create their own mini-games. It’s actually pretty similar to Disney Infinity in this regard.

Here’s the official announcement video with some footage of the new mode.

Players who own a Battle Pass will be allowed to play Fortnite Creative today while everyone else (i.e. free players) will have to wait a week before they’re given access. Battle Pass owners can invite any other player to join their game however.

Fortnite Creative is being added to all platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles.

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