Fortnite Crew March skin teased as leakers find Family Guy data in game's files

The official Fortnite Twitter account dropped a clue for next month’s Fortnite Crew pack the other day in the form of a cryptic written clue.

While no visual hints of the Fortnite Crew March skin were included with the tweet, the text, which you can see below, seems to suggest that at least the main skin will be some kind of legendary llama outfit. There are already several llama skins in the Fortnite video game (see top image for an example of one) so it will be interesting to see what Epic Games does to make this one worthy of inclusion within the Fortnite Crew monthly subscription, a membership which is marketed as featuring exclusive and elite digital in-game content for the mega-popular battle royale.

Full details on the March Fortnite Crew content will likely be revealed next month with all of it unlocking for subscribers on March 1st.

In other Fortnite news, it’s looking like a Family Guy crossover may be on the way after some screenshots from the cartoon were discovered within the files for the latest update.

The images, which can be seen below, are apparently intended for use in a back bling of some kind, likely a TV cosmetic that players can equip.

It’s rare for a Fortnite crossover to feature just one item from the featured franchise so it’s safe to assume that other Family Guy cosmetics are on the way as well such as a pickaxe or even an emote. It’s unknown if skins based on Family Guy characters could also be added to Fortnite given their unusual body proportions though anything is possible.

Are you excited for the next Crew pack and what do you think about Family Guy content coming to Fortnite? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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