Former Sony and Microsoft exec, Phil Harrison, questions whether the companies have grown the market

Jack Wilkinson

Xbox Backward Compatibility

During an interview with GameReactor, former executive for both Sony and Microsoft, Phil Harrison, raised some worries he has with the gaming market headed by the 2 gaming giants.

While Harrison noted that Sony has done a good job in increasing its market share against Microsoft, saying “I think Sony has done a great job in making PlayStation 4 very popular in the world.” He noted a worry that the 2 biggest companies in gaming are focusing on the current players, rather than branching out in order to reach new people and bring them into the gaming scene:

What I wonder about and maybe worry about a little bit is that (both Microsoft and Sony) are they growing the market? Are they building and investing in the content and broadening the experiences to bring in more players?

Later, Harrison stated that Nintendo Switch has the “opportunity to play to a wider audience”:

Nintendo Switch, I think, really has the opportunity to play to a wider audience. It’s going to be really interesting how the market dynamics play out over the next three or four years in console.

What do you think to Harrison’s comments? Do you agree that Sony and Microsoft are going after current players, instead of reaching those currently not into gaming?