Former Office Division President Kurt DelBene returns to Microsoft in new executive role

Kurt DelBene returns to Microsoft

Former Office Division President Kurt DelBene is returning to Microsoft as an Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Planning, reporting directly to Satya Nadella, according to a press release coming out of Microsoft.  DelBene left the company in 2013, serving as a senior advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, where he oversaw "the implementation and improvement" of, and then later worked as a venture partner at the Madrona Venture Group.

DelBene was at Microsoft for 21 years, and served as President of Office for his last three years there.  He retired in 2013 during Steve Ballmer's re-organization of the company, which shortly thereafter included Ballmer himself announcing his retirement. In his new role, DelBene is expected to assist CEO Satya Nadella in "identifying future investments and strategies" as Microsoft tries to keep pace in what's rapidly becoming a post-PC and post-Office world.

DelBene is married to US Congresswoman from Washington State's 1st Congressional District Suzan DelBene, who was herself a Microsoft alum, working on Windows 95 and early versions of Internet Explorer from 1989 to 1998.

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