Former Nintendo manager becomes new Director of Quality for Turn 10’s Forza games

Robert Collins

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In the latest gaming industry news, former Nintendo Quality Assurance Manager Heather Gearraeald will become the new Director of Quality for the Forza franchise. In her new role Gearreald will oversee production of both Forza Motorsport (the eighth installment of which still in the works) as well as the Forza Horizon spinoff series.

Heather Gearreald, former Quality Assurance Manager at Nintendo, has joined Turn 10 Studio as Director of Quality on Forza Motorsport and Horizon franchise
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Gearreald spent nearly 5 years at Nintendo, during which time she assumed various management positions including Quality Assurance Manager. Before assuming that role she was involved in research and development of web applications as Software Development Manager for the legendary gaming company. As head of QA Gearreald was responsible for developing quality assurance best practices in addition to various other duties.

Given Nintendo’s long track record for producing first-party games that are among the best out there, it seems that Turn 10 Studio’s latest addition to its staff can only mean good news for the Forza franchise going forward. Does this mean Forza fans will be shooting turtle shells out of their Lamborghinis any time soon? Probably not.