Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates visits White House in effort to curb proposed cuts to foreign aid

Kareem Anderson

Former Microsoft CEO and co-founder Bill Gates sought an audience with the 45th US president earlier this week to discuss amicably appropriate foreign policy when it comes to the distribution of aid.

While the meeting was brought to life via the president’s travel and public appearance schedule, it was closed to press on Thursday. Despite not knowing the specifics of the meeting, an interview with Politico helped exemplify the Gates’ fundamental disagreement with the president’s America-first rhetoric and the current administrations posturing with regards to foreign diplomacy and assistance.

I don’t agree with the America First rhetoric, Americans don’t want to have pandemics, and Americans don’t want to have to send soldiers to restore stability in Africa.

What Gates does believe in, is the notion that Americans should be in favor of more scientific research involving the study of foreign-related vaccines, education, and energy, as “the world benefits immensely.” Gates also believes that if Congress acts swift enough, it could enact financial allocations that could help spur private-sector innovation and growth. Conceptually, Gates would love for the president to be part of a spearhead campaign that encouraged a more innovative agenda vs the current seemingly protectionist and isolationist one that’s being floated about.

Both Bill and Melinda Gates have been pretty vocal about their disagreement with the positions and policies the current presidential administration has taken with regards to foreign policies, especially the way it proposes to handle aid. Back in 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released a detailed report that assessed the impact cuts to foreign aid spending would have on the participating nations if the current administration follows through on their proposed budget cuts.

With the meeting being held yesterday, we’re all awaiting the outcome of a sit down with one of the worlds richest men and the president of the United States and where that will leave millions who are dependant on foreign aid.

We’ll be updating as new information becomes available.