Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is hosting his 4th Reddit AMA now!

Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates is no stranger to the machine-gun fire questioning that accompanies a Reddit AMA and has chosen to undergo the scrutiny once again. In what will be his fourth go-around with the curious Reddit community, Gates has scheduled his Ask-Me-Anything session for March 8, 2016, around 10:00 AM PST.

That’s right, the AMA is currently underway.’

Familiar with the structure and general community, Gates has also created a video detailing some often-asked questions and answers. Take a quick minute to view the video, so you can ask a question that hasn’t been asked before. With his current remarks regarding the Apple versus the FBI encryption case, it’s more than likely we’ll see a few more nuggets of information come Gates himself, during this AMA.

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What questions do you have your mind for Bill Gates?