Former Bungie staff create new game tech company 'Highwire'

Sean Cameron


Things can be tough at the top.

It was, following years of success, that Bungie opted to drop Halo composer Marty O’Donnell, shortly before the release of Destiny. Designer Jamie Griesemer opted for a similar fate, leaving the company in 2010.

Now the two, along with former Microsoft employee Jared Noftle, are embarking on a new endeavor together, with the creation of a new company they have called “Highwire”. This new concern is intended to focus on new ‘gaming technologies’, although what this exactly entails has not yet been specified.  

As O’Donnell stated in an interview with Polygon

“There’s a thing that happens when the stakes get higher and higher. Budgets go through the roof and the teams go from small, intimate teams to multiple hundreds of people. We’ve been there and done that. We don’t have any desire to do that again.”

He went on to say that he felt the new company should “stay small”.

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