Forget ninja cat, meet the new Windows Insider ninja monkey riding a cloud


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Back in July of last year, Microsoft released what they called a “fun surprise” for Windows Insiders in celebration of the Windows 10 launch — the availability of ninja cat wallpapers. Ninja cat, for those unfamiliar, is the unofficial mascot of the Windows Insider program, featuring a ninja cat riding a unicorn while holding a Microsoft flag. Taking things a step further, Microsoft also released wallpapers of ninja cat riding a dolphin as well as a t-rex.

Ninja Monkey

Now, Microsoft has released a ninja monkey riding a cloud. Why? To celebrate the Year of the Monkey. Right now you can download ninja monkey wallpapers in various screen sizes for your Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile device. There are also images for your Microsoft Band and individual PNG files of the flag and ninja monkey so you can work your own magic and create your own ninja monkey wallpaper. Head over here to grab the wallpaper set.