The forecast is looking bright for Microsoft’s Climatology, but only on Android (Updated)

The forecast's looking bright for Microsoft's Climatology on Android

Microsoft and Android are not two brands that tend to get put together in the same sentence, but Climatology shows that the future’s looking good. This is a free app that lets users check climate information for any part of the world for any time of the year. Yes… this is not the same as a weather forecasting app, but for the purposes of a headline, it made sense!

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’re probably interested in what sort of weather you can expect to encounter. This is where Climatology can help. It’s not only a great looking app — and one that is very slick to boot — it’s also very useful. Pick any country in the world by scrolling around the interactive map and then specify the time of year you’re interested in.

You can then view information about the average temperature, amount of rainfall, and the number of hours of sunshine the location get each day.

This is a project powered by technology developed by Microsoft Research, and it will be extremely interesting to see where this app goes. We’re only on version 1.0.0, and things are already looking very promising.

Update: the app is now available on Windows Phone too. The Windows Phone Store certification process takes longer than the Google Play Store, which explains why we are seeing the Windows Phone app arriving a little late to the party.

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