For the first time, Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Android and iOS

Robert Collins

Minecraft Education Edition finally goes mobile in the game’s newest update, which launched on August 9. The update brings with it other exciting additions which you’ll learn about below.

Minecraft Education Edition goes mobile

Get your learning on the go now that Minecraft Education Edition has expanded to mobile platforms—i.e. iOS and Android. This will no doubt open this incredible educational tool to millions more users on smartphones and tablets.

The update also includes measures to optimize Minecraft Education Edition on mobile, including adjustments to the game interface and the inclusion of display options for mobile users.

Other improvements and additions

  • Also as part of this newest update are improvements to multiplayer, including improved performance courtesy of the new Minecraft rendering engine, RenderDragon.
  • The update also adds 20 new NPC skins for agriculture, business mobs, everyday business, kiosks and robots.
  • Lastly, coding improvements are now present in the form of new MakeCode features: new mobs, items, blocks, etc.

Anyone with a Microsoft 365 account can purchase Minecraft Education Edition. Learn more here.