For National Volunteer Week, LinkedIn reminds members about its Volunteer Marketplace

Kit McDonald


It’s no secret that many employers often look at volunteer history for employees that might not have experience. So in observance of National Volunteer Week, a.k.a. Get Off Your Bum Week, LinkedIn has posted reminding users about its Volunteer Marketplace.

The marketplace was added in 2014 as a way to let users post positions for nonprofit and mentor opportunities. Meanwhile, it corresponds with your LinkedIn professional profile giving a clear image of what causes you champion and who you have worked with in the past, even if it wasn’t paid.

The LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace isn’t the most prominent feature. In fact, the easiest way to pull the list of over 60,000 volunteer results is to search for ‘Volunteer’ and filter from there.  Or you could just click this link.

LinkedIn Volunteer

Either way, this week might be a good time to check the feature out if you forgot (or never knew) about it. Let us know if you plan on doing some volunteer work in the comments below.