For Honor officially released on Xbox One

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This past weekend drummed up a lot of interest in the newest Xbox One release, For Honor. The open beta was held for the days leading up to its highly anticipated launch today.

For those that don’t know about the game, For Honor throws players into the center of a post-apocalyptic war between knights, Vikings, and samurais. The gameplay is fast paced as you mix brutal melee battles, strategy, and co-operative team play to fight for your glory, land, and, of course, honor.

You can even specialize your attacks as a sneaky Assassin, strong Vanguard, or defensive Heavy class. But it might be a bit more fun to take a little from more than one hero type and fight in your own style.

What better way than to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to go to war in For Honor? If you didn’t have it preordered, you can pick it up today from the Xbox Store.

FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition
FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition
Developer: Ubisoft
Price: Free
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