Footage of Telltale Games’ cancelled Stranger Things video game leaks online

Kareem Anderson

TellTale games may have pulled the plug on the development of its Netflix-licensed Stranger Things game, but from reports this week, Netflix looks to be shopping the game around for another studio to develop.

With that being said, it’ll be interesting to see if they take bits and pieces from what TellTale has already done with the property or allow a new studio, new creative direction.

As for what TellTale was able to come up with for its Stranger Things game, we’re now seeing leaked footage of early development from the project.

Leaked on 4Chan and Reddit and compiled by WCCFtech, we see TellTale taking a new creative direction with the Stranger Things IP art style that differs from its usual shell shading motif. Again, the clips are, presumably, early renders, highlighting some changes in the Unity game engine that were announced earlier this year. They include more actionable movement and environment interaction.

At this time, the fate of Netflix’s Stranger Things game is up in the air, but from the leaked footage, it looks like TellTale was pretty well into development and any new studio that takes over would have a solid platform should they choose to use earlier development.