Following Android, OneNote for Apple’s Mac, iPad, and iPhone receive new updates

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Following Android, OneNote for Apple's Mac, iPad, and iPhone receive new updates

Microsoft has rolled out an update to OneNote for Apple’s Mac and iOS, adding a few new features based on consumer feedback. These updates are available today in the Apple app stores.

We are thrilled to announce today four major updates for OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad and OneNote for iPhone. Building on our recent updates in May, these enhancements make OneNote the best choice for taking notes and staying organized at work or school,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Following the update to OneNote for Android yesterday, Microsoft has updated OneNote to allow you to access your work or school notebooks on your Mac stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online (via Office 365). The update also allows you to open and insert files, including PDF files, into your notebook pages. 

You can also view your password protected sections with this new update. On top of that, you now have improved organization, capturing content, and sharing of notes. Aside from being able to send your notes as PDF attachments in OneNote for Mac, you can also send your notes in the message body.

“For example, on Mac you can drag and drop a PowerPoint deck or a Word document into your notes, as an attachment, and then view it in the OS built-in, Quick Look, or in the app itself,” Microsoft explained.

Head over to the Apple app stores to snag the updated OneNote app, if you happen to own an Apple device (don’t worry, it’s the year 2014 — we wont stone you for it).

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