Microsoft confirms live stream for next weeks Mobile World Congress (MWC) keynote

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Follow Microsoft's MWC Sunday night live webcast here

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 is happening in only two more days and Microsoft has confirmed that it will be live streaming its keynote. We will of course be covering the event as well and we’ll embed the webcast right here on WinBeta once it becomes available.

We’re expecting to hear news about a few more low to mid-range Lumia devices as well as the continuation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 story on tablets and phones. We may also be introduced to some useful chipset information as well information about Microsoft’s rumored mobile payment solution, in light of this week’s news about Softcard dropping support for the platform.

Microsoft’s MWC keynote begins at 11:30PM Pacific on Sunday March 1st. For those of you who may be at work and cannot listen with the volume up, keep it tuned at WinBeta as we provide you with the latest coverage. Let us know your Microsoft MWC predictions over at the comments below!

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