Follow the 2015 NFL Draft through the NFL app on Xbox One

Follow the 2015 NFL Draft through the NFL app on Xbox One

Now that the 2015 NFL Draft has started, Xbox Live members (Silver and Gold) can watch the NFL Network's coverage of the draft live through the official NFL app on Xbox One. If you are like me and are only interested in who gets picked and don't necessarily need to watch the draft, you can easily snap the NFL app and play your favorite Xbox One game or binge-watch Netflix. The NFL Draft Tracker will keep you updated with the latest picks; like how the Seattle Seahawks picked up WR Nelson Agholor as the twentieth pick.

You can access the 2015 NFL Draft through the NFL app today until the draft ends on May 2nd. The NFL app keeps you engaged with the draft, occasionally offering you to take part in a live poll in between draft picks to test your NFL Draft wisdom and take part in community polls to see if your fellow NFL fans agree who your favorite team will pick, while also watching video highlights in the My Team section.  

You can even control NFL Draft content by choosing your favorite player or team to follow through the Xbox Draft Command Center. Xbox's Path to the Draft provides a behind-the-scenes look at the NFL Draft picks and how they were able to make it to the NFL Draft. You can personalize your 2015 NFL Draft experience by setting your favorite team and Xbox One will notify you when your team makes their draft selection.

In addition to all the updates of the 2015 NFL Draft, you can also get updates on all the NFL preseason action too. If you haven't downloaded it already, download the official NFL app today on your Xbox One to see the 2015 NFL Draft live right now.

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