Folding phones saga unravels as AT&T cancels Samsung phone orders -
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Folding phones saga unravels as AT&T cancels Samsung phone orders

The Westworld-like future we were all excited about when we saw the Galaxy Fold unveiled, sadly, may have been punted to some undisclosed time much further down the road.

Despite taking early pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold, it seems AT&T is still reeling from the public relations nightmare that followed Samsung's fumbled rollout of review units and the telco is now putting the breaks on the entire launch of the device as its next response.

According to CNBC News Tech, AT&T is following the lead of Best Buy and even Samsung itself, by canceling pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold devices and offering $100 to people who had already pre-ordered.

AT&T is a bit late to the party when it comes to cancellation of Galaxy Fold orders and reparations following Samsung's early actions of axing pre-orders back in April and Best Buy in early May.

Perhaps, holding out hope that Samsung would meet its readjusted May deadline for fixing and reissuing Galaxy Fold orders, AT&T apparently held open its pre-order window.

Unfortunately, not only did Samsung miss its target re-release date of May 31, but seems uncertain that it can hit any target date in the near future, forcing AT&T to finally close up shop on Galaxy Fold pre-orders for the time being.

While we continue to make progress in enhancing the Galaxy Fold, a new release date has not yet been announced. Because of this, we have recently contacted our pre-order customers to provide them information on their options as we move forward,” Samsung told CNBC in May

Samsung has not publically spoken to the matter of when it thinks it will be able to release its Galaxy Fold phone, and with a Galaxy Note 10 announcement imminent as well as providing support for AT&T's 5G rollout, Samsungs foldable dream may be put on the back burner for now.

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