FlipMag, Fhotoroom and Unit Converter updated with bug fixes and improvements


By any chance, if you're running FlipMag, Unit Converter or Fhotoroom apps on your Windows Phone handsets, it's time to launch the Windows Phone Store as there are updates waiting for your. In case of Fhotoroom, this update is a minor one with a few bug fixes in tow, while FlipMag, a RSS client for Windows Phone, and Unit converter received several new features and bug fixes. 

Starting with Fhotoroom, the popular camera and photo editing app received a minor update, bumping it to version 10.2. Along with the usual bug fixes, the update comes with improved HueSplash with brightness and threshold options

Second in the list is FlipMag, a RSS reader that looks quite similar to Flipboard, and comes with an impressive UI and features. Recently, the app was updated to v3.0.2 and introduced a whole lot of new features and improvements, including support for video and GIF images, live tile support, ability to save articles to Instapaper for later reading from the app or mark them read/unread, and much more. Here's the complete list of features and bug fixes introduced in the latest FlipMag app:

  • Did you know you can tap and hold the tiles to rearrange?
  • Video and GIF support
  • Live Tile support (cycle between articles on Live Tiles)
  • Instapaper integration to save articles for reading later
  • Mark articles as read or unread
  • Options to turn on unread article count on Live Tiles and Mag Tiles
  • Set articles to open in flip view or web view
  • Mobilizer support for web view
  • Uservoice feedback and support
  • As this is a major update, please report all bugs under the Feedback section within the app =)

Last but not the least, Unit Converter for Windows Phone was also bumped to v1.5. It's a decent app that lets users convert different units into one another.

"Unit Converter to convert various units into one another. You can convert units like Angle, Area, Data, Distance, Energy, Length, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume and Weight. Scroll through the list to see all units in each category," the app description reads.

The latest update introduces a few new features and bug fixes, including several new units for volume, distance and weight, as well as a new keyboard layout for ease of access and a new splash screen. Here's the complete changelog:

  • Added Hectoliters, Oil Barrels and Bushels in Volume
  • Added Micrometers (micron), Nanometers, Nautical Miles, Fathom, Survey Feet, Rods and Chains in Length/Distance
  • Added Rankine, Newton, Réaumur and Rømer in Temperature
  • Added Zettabyte and Exabyte in Data
  • Added Drams, Troy Ounces and Pennyweight in Weight
  • Updated 'Knots Per Hour' to 'Knots' in Speed
  • New keyboard layout for easier input
  • Redesigned About page with more options for providing feedback and sharing with friends
  • New Splash Screen

Simply navigate to the Windows Phone Store or hit the download links below to snag the updated apps.

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