FlatOut 3 developer says COD Modern Warfare 3 is a beta game


According to CEO Ronnie Nelis of Team 6, developer of the racing video game FlatOut 3, Activision’s first person shooter Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a “beta game” compared to Team 6’s racing title FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction. Uh, ok.

For unknown reasons, Team 6 CEO Ronnie Nelis stated that FlatOut 3 “is not a beta (try MW3..), not a full priced game, and many people enjoy and really appreciate it.” But here’s our question, why would you compare a racing game to a first person shooter?

Apparently this accusation, at least that’s what the media is reporting it as, comes just shortly after the release of Team 6’s FlatOut 3 for PC. CEO Nelis also revealed that the new update will be available next week for FlatOut 3 and is set to fix issues regarding gameplay, graphics, and the game’s physics.

No idea on why he would say such a thing but perhaps there is a reason to it. Publicity stunt? You be the judge.