Flap For Life puts a new spin on Flappy Bird, available on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

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Flap For Life for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone introduces new mechanics to the Flappy Bird idea

Flappy Bird took the world by storm as numerous mobile gamers around the world flocked to see what was so amazing and talked-about. Now, we get Flap For Life, which adds a new spin to the classic game. How far can you go in this game?

"Cute parrot Polly is in trouble! Evil flying totems are trying to squash him. Introducing new mechanics to the flapping idea. Flap faster forward and help bird Polly to evade the incoming obstacles or fly between them to survive," the app description reads.

The game is very simple, similar to Flappy Bird, except that your bird stays in one centered position and you must touch the screen to move him forward. There is only one touch control. The game also features colorful pixel art and cool chiptune music to enhance the experience.

Enough reading, check out the game in action below. Hit the download link to snag the apps for Windows 8.1 ($2.49) and Windows Phone (free).

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