Up in Flames app for Windows 8.1 puts a fiery spin on an Angry Birds style game

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Up in Flames app for Windows 8.1 puts a fiery spin on an Angry Birds style game

There is no denying that the Angry Bird’s franchise has become quite popular over the past year. There is a new app available right now in the Windows Store called “Up in Flames” which places a fiery spin on typical Angry Birds style game.

“The Hero is here! Now it is time for Baff the Cute Green Dragon to unleash fiery blaze, burn his enemy’s fortresses and rescue his imprisoned folks! Save The hero’s friends and family, release them from the cage, destroy the obstacle, set up the bombs, rolling the boulder, ricochet the fireball using springs, and burn the nasty foes!” the app description reads.

The premise of the game is simple. You use Baff’s fire-breathing powers to scorch enemies and free you friends. You can even utilize your friend’s super powers, along with your fire-breath to help you pass each level. The game is beautifully designed and easy to play. Here are the key features of this game:

  • Help Baff save his friends from wolves, sharks, and yetis
  • Take the advantage of burning things to solve the puzzle
  • Over 75 levels to set alight in arcade puzzling fun!
  • Unlock new costumes to dress up Baff to best suit you

One cool feature of the game is the ability to unlock new costumes, so you can alter the way the primary character looks. This is a great way to keep the game interesting as you progress through the vast amount of levels that are available. 

Take a look below for a video demonstration of the game. Hit the download link to check it out – it’s free!

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