Fixing Windows 8 website launched by ex-Microsoft employee

Former Microsoft employee Mike Bibik has launched a new website called “Fixing Windows 8” (located at that intends to offer suggestions on how Microsoft can improve the new Windows 8 user interface, especially for a keyboard/mouse input.

“During the MWC keynote, Microsoft made it very clear that Windows 8 will work fantastically if you are using touch, mouse or keyboard. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true,” Bibik stated on his Fixing Windows 8 website.

As PCWORLD reports, the biggest complaints include many users not being able to navigate through the hidden interface choices, lack of window controls in Metro apps, and the inability to search within an app using the Charms bar. “Power users should be able to figure out how the mouse works in Windows 8. Novices and new users will be completely lost,” Bibik adds.

On the website, Bibik offers a few solutions for Microsoft to fix these problems. First, combine the desktop taskbar with the new Start Screen. Second, combine the Charms bar and the master apps list into a single menu. Third, add a dedicated Charms bar to the bottom of the screen. And finally, reinstate the Start button on the desktop.

You can check out the website here, but it may be down temporarily due to a huge spike in traffic.

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