Fix coming soon for Lumia 535 touch sensitivity issues

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Fix coming soon for Lumia 535 touch sensitivity issues

Consider the Lumia 535 as the budget smartphone done right, unlike its predecessor the Lumia 530 which shipped with 512GB of RAM, therefore limiting its ability to run more demanding apps and games. The 535 comes with a quad-core processors, a 5-inch qHD display with Gorilla Glass 3, 1GB of RAM, front and rear-facing 5MP shooters, expandable storage and a removable 1905mAh battery, all for a sub-$200 off-contract price.

Unfortunately, the first Microsoft-branded smartphone was plagued with a touchscreen issue that at times failed to register multi-touch gestures, incorrectly detected touch positions, had low input sensitivity, and sometimes completely failed to pick up on touches.

The good news is that Microsoft has identified the issue and is working on a fix as you read this. Sources claim that the touch sensitivity levels of the device is in fact set too high and that is the reason behind the issues. So the fix will come as a small over-the-air (OTA) patch soon, no exact date has been determined.

In the meantime, users have reported that turning off the Screen Magnifier (which is on by default) under ‘Ease of Access’ in the phone settings helps improve touch sensitivity on the device.

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