Fitness expert Jenna Wolfe lets Microsoft Band do the thinking for her

In a blog post today, the Microsoft Health Team meets up with fitness and lifestyle expert Jenna Wolfe for a quick sit down on the Microsoft Band 2. If you remember, Wolfe was invited to the Microsoft campus to take part in building Guided Workouts alongside Microsoft Trainers. With the success of that experience, Jenna Wolfe has come to rely on her Microsoft Band 2 for almost all functions through her day-to-day life and exercise regimens.

From her quick interview, Jenna Wolfe was asked how the Microsoft Band 2 plays a role in her fitness routine. She mentions how the Band 2 allows her to think less and focus more on the exercise itself. With the power of Band 2 and its array of sensors, Jenna Wolfe doesn't have to think about tracking certain information, she relies on her Band 2 to guide her to the next exercise, what to do, how to perform it and how well she has performed. Along with these features, she uses the Band 2 to stay in touch with her social media and all information she needs throughout the day.

Being a trainer, Jenna Wolfe is inspired by people and clients that are motivated to better themselves. She enjoys seeing someone start at the bottom and make it up to their goals and continue on. Working in the health and fitness field, allows her to see this personally by witnessing clients health goals being reached and surpassed.

In one of the more interesting questions to end the interview, Jenna Wolfe then went on to describe what salad bar ingredient she would be, that best represents her, she said:

I would be wasabi peas: crunchy, spicy, bold, unique, in your face, sarcastic, sassy, and exciting…and really clears out the sinuses

Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe

Having worked alongside Microsoft and utilizing the Band 2 each day, Jenna Wolfe is taking advantage of the great features and technology built into the Microsoft Band 2. How are you enjoying the use of the Band 2 in your day to day life? Let us know in the comments.

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