Fitbit adds even more new features to its Windows 10 app

The Windows 10 Fitbit app has been updating on an almost weekly schedule recently. Each update has been bringing not just bug fixes and refinements but also the occasional new feature as well.

Today’s update for the Fitbit app has added several improvements to the custom heart rate monitoring and localizations options but has also fixed an annoying issue that was affecting the app’s refresh ability when a device came out of Sleep Mode.

New features with the Windows 10 Fitbit app include added support for Jump Lists and an updated account tab. Overall, the app appears to be loading a lot faster than it did previously (and it’s never really been slow anyway) and it’s great to see so much support for a Windows 10 app like this one. If only Nike could get on board and finally bring their Nike Running app to Windows devices.

Are you a Fitbit user? What’s your daily step goal? Get competitive with the community in the comments below.

Developer: Fitbit
Price: Free
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What's your daily step goal?