Firstpost, WWF Renewables Market and mGaadi now available for Windows Phone

Firstpost, WWF Renewables Market and mGaadi now available for Windows Phone

It’s raining apps on Windows Phone! If you’re in India, we’ve got three new apps that you’re going to love. From the nation’s leading news publication to Nokia’s official app for Earth Hour 2014, we have got a range of apps on our hands today. Let’s roll.


If you remember, last month Firstpost released its Windows 8 application. It offered a very convenient way to check its articles and media content. Much like it, the Windows Phone app for the nation’s leading news publication offers a variety of sections including politics, economy, business etc. You may also like the ebooks that Firstpost offers. However, the app isn’t quite polished, it seems. In our brief testing, the app kept closing abruptly after every few seconds. We hope the app gets a performance boost update soon.

WWF Renewables Market

Tomorrow, that is, on March 29, from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. (your local time), we will be celebrating the eighth Earth Hour. Cities across the globe will dim the lights of their homes and use as less electricity as possible. On the premises of this noble initiative, Nokia has joined hands with WWF, the organization concerned with renewable energy, and launched an app. Using the app, you can learn more about these natural resources and the benefits of such programs.


The capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka, Bangalore, is a very crowded place to live in.  At peak hours – morning and evening, if you rely on public transport for commutation, the ever expanding population can have its toll on you. Things can get even worse if you’re looking for an auto rickshaw. But not anymore, especially after the launch of mGaadi for Windows Phone. Using the app you will be able to hail and book auto rickshaws at your convenience. There’s a nice video too to explain you how this app works.

You can snag all these apps from the Download links below. 

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