First update to Visual Studio 2012 released, “delivers a wealth of new functionality”

Microsoft has already released the very first update to the recently released Visual Studio 2012. This update not only addresses bug that were reported to Microsoft but also adds a “wealth of new functionality” according to the company. So what exactly is new with this update?

“I’m excited to announce that the first such update, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1, is now available. You can install it today from the download page (see “Visual Studio 2012 Update 1” under the “Additional software” section),” Microsoft announced in its Server & Tools blog. With Update 1 for Visual Studio 2012, developers will now have support for mixed-mode managed and native debugging and native ARM dump debugging. There is also improved diagnostics and testing support for Windows Store apps and code analysis for WP8 apps. According to Microsoft, there will be regular updates to Visual Studio 2012 to provide developers the best tool to create apps. “Importantly, this isn’t just about bug fixes, though it contains quite a few of those to measurably address issues reported through Connect, UserVoice, and Windows Error Reporting. This update also delivers a wealth of new functionality into Visual Studio 2012. The new functionality in Update 1 primarily spans four areas of investment: Windows development, SharePoint development, agile teams, and continuous quality,” Microsoft added. Hit the source link for a more in-depth look at whats new with Update 1 for Visual Studio 2012 or hit the download link below to grab the update.

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