First regular update to Bing Maps Version 8 developer tools released

Bing Maps Version 8

It’s been about a month and a half since Bing Maps Version 8 (V8) was released, and today marks the first regular July 2016 updates to the main release branch of V8. V8 has a new branching system available for developers to access new features however they choose. This means that developers can choose to add new features when they are released, or add them later if they need the new features–developers aren’t required to add new features they probably won’t use.

Today’s V8 update adds all the new features and bug fixes from the July 2016 experimental branch to the main release branch. Here is a list of the important updates:

  • Spatial Math Geometry
  • Draggable Pushpins
  • Custom Overlays
  • TypeScript Definitions
  • Clickable Pushpin Area
  • GeoJSON and Query API Shape Styling
  • Mercator Map Type
  • Bug Fixes

There are more features available for V8 from June 2016, with more updates and functionalities coming soon on the Bing Maps V8 roadmap. Take a more in-depth look at what’s currently available for Bing Maps V8 and if you have questions or feedback, be sure to head over to the Bing Maps forums.  The Bing Maps website is also available for more information about Bing Maps V8 web control features.

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