First person horror game Blair Witch launches on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console today

Blair Witch, a new horror game based on the popular film franchise is launching on Xbox One and Windows today, and it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console right now. Blair Witch is the latest game from Polish game studio Bloober Team, which gained fame for creating a couple of popular psychological horror games such as Layers of Fear and Observer.

Blair Witch is a first person game where you’ll play a former police officer joining the search for a young boy that disappeared in the the Black Hills forest near Burkittsville, Maryland, which is the same location from the original The Blair Witch Project movie. You’ll be exploring the cursed forest with your dog and a flashlight, and it probably won't be long before you start feeling fear and stress. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below to get better sense of what to expect.

It’s pretty great to see such a game launching on Xbox Game Pass on launch day, in addition to being a console launch exclusive for Microsoft. If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass, the game is a $29.99 purchase on the Xbox

Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Developer: Bloober Team NA
Price: $29.99

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