First over-the-air (OTA) update for Windows Phone 8 takes place for the HTC 8X, is Portico

Microsoft has just released an update to the HTC 8X smartphone over the air! This update, which is reported as Portico, is for the newly released Windows Phone 8 operating system. The new update takes the build number to 10211 and most likely fixes bugs related to the rebooting issue as well as the “keep WiFi alive” feature.

“The update took about 10 minutes to download and for the device to prepare the OS update. Once we agreed to the update, the device reset itself and launched into a “moving gears” mode whereby the OS was clearly patching itself. That process took another 10 minutes or so at which point the OS reset and reloaded. Once there, the OS did a migration of our data (in four steps). That process took another 5 minutes or so, at which point we were brought to the full newly updated OS,” the report stated.

No word yet on exactly what the update brings to the table, but it is reported that this update fixes the reboot issue that everyone was talking about recently.

Recently, we learned about an upcoming update to Windows Phone 8, codenamed Portico. This update was slated to be a minor update that added bug fixes and new features to make the Windows Phone 8 platform complete. It looks like this update is indeed Portico. Microsoft has finally updated its mobile operating system to allow over-the-air updates, as opposed to having to plug the Windows Phone handset into a PC to get the update. No word yet on which devices will not receive this update, but it is expected that all Windows Phone 8 devices will receive this update. More on this update as details emerge.

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