Firefox browser gets new privacy features in Version 65 update

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Mozilla’s Firefox internet browser updated to Version 65 today for Windows computers. This latest update has a strong focus on privacy and security with a new, streamlined content blocking pane in the browser’s settings that allows users to manually select how much they want to be protected from the evils of the web.

Here’s the official descriptions for each of the three security settings:

Standard: For anyone who wants to “set it and forget it,” this is currently the default where we block known trackers in Private Browsing Mode. In the future, this setting will also block Third Party tracking cookies.

Strict: For people who want a bit more protection and don’t mind if some sites break. This setting blocks known trackers by Firefox in all windows.

Custom: For those who want complete control to pick and choose what trackers and cookies they want to block.

  • Trackers: You can choose to block in Private Windows or All Windows. You can also change your block list from two Disconnect lists: basic (recommended) or strict (blocks all known trackers).
  • Cookies:  You have the following four choices to block – Third-party trackers; Cookies from unvisited websites; All third-party cookies (may cause websites to break); and All cookies (will cause websites to break).

This update also included improvements to the browser’s language options, added support for syncing of data to iOS devices and Mac, and also added support for the AV1 video compression and WebP image format.

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