Firefox 4 takes early lead over IE9, IE continues to lose market share


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Net Applications has released its latest round of monthly browser market share data. Results show that despite IE9’s earlier release in March, Firefox 4 is outpacing IE9 in adoption and usage.

However, it is still far too early to tell who will win this round of browser battles. Chrome and Safari continue to steadily gain market share at the expense of Internet Explorer. Firefox continues to hold steady at 21.8%:

The following data comes courtesy of CNET News:

Both Mozilla and Microsoft have yet to unleash the new updates to users of the older versions of their browsers. Mozilla spokesman, Valerie Ponell, noted that updates typically “come 60-90 days after a major release.” Microsoft, on the other hand, expects to release IE9 to Windows Update by the end of June. At that point in time, expect to see wider swings in market share as millions of users update to the latest versions.