Firefox 12 to have New Tab Page and Home Tab, will be better than Chrome

Details on Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox 12 was revealed today indicating that two new Chrome-like features will be making an entrance in the new version. We will finally get to see a New Tab Page and a Home Tab, which is similar to Chrome, but features a few unique additions.

For now, the new tab page only shows you a 3×3 grid of your most visited websites. However, this may change. Similar to Chrome, you can drag and drop the tiles to rearrange them.

The Home Tab is expected to be a complete reworking of the traditional Home Tab seen in Google’s Chrome browser. Firefox 12 is expected to have a section for favorite apps, recent websites, and instant messaging capabilities on the Home Tab. This feature has yet to be included in the Auruora build of Firefox 12, but is set to make an appearance in the final version.

URL auto-completion is also another feature that is being worked on and is expected to appear in Firefox 12. Firefox 12 is scheduled for release in the end of April.

Mozilla is currently working hard on releasing Firefox 10 which features a silent update mechanism. This new silent update mechanism would minimize the amount of time it takes Firefox to launch after downloading an update.

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