Firefight coming to Halo 5: Guardians

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Halo 5: Guardians is only about half a year old, but it is soon about to get even more intense.  A teaser for a new Firefight mode was announced in March, but now more details on the Warzone Firefight mode have been revealed by the folks over at IGN.

Overall, Warzone Firefight is expected to bring brand new objectives, mechanics, and more. It also will feature an 8-player cooperative PVE mode, where you and seven friends can take on progressively difficult waves of AI controlled enemies over five rounds.  The ultimate goal, though, will be to complete the objective of each round within the five-minute time limit.

Objective variants in the matches will also get progressively harder, and if you fail to achieve an objective, you will lose the match right away. In addition, and depending on the results of each match, each round completed will gain you and your team experience points, requisition points, and requestion energy.

Time will be key in the new mode, as if you can complete objectives fast, you will gain more requisition energy for better weapons, vehicles, and more.  Ultimately, and like in Warzone, you will have access to your requisition library. This means that you can coordinate with your team to call in power weapons, armor boosts, and vehicles to help achieve your objectives.

The Firefight mode is expected to release sometime this summer. Until then, you can stay tuned to our Halo news hub to get the latest information on this upcoming mode.


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