Fire up the new Rocket Riot for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Rocket Riot is an action-packed, side-scrolling shooting game with quirky 8-bit visuals that was previously available for Windows Phone 7 and 8.X as well as for Windows 8, and is now back as a universal game for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

First released in 2009 for the Xbox 360, Rocket Riot was one of the first XBLA games. A year later, Microsoft Studios published Rocket Riot as a launch title for the new Windows Phone 7. In 2012, Microsoft Studios published Rocket Riot 3D as a launch title for Windows 8 with support for stereoscopic 3D.

In 2014, Rocket Riot was removed from the Windows Store as well as the Windows Phone Store as Microsoft Studios took a step back allowing the developers Codeglue to take charge.

Now, Rocket Riot is back on Steam and Windows 10, and is Xbox Live enabled. Based on the old Windows 8 version, the UWP game is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot allows you to engage in over 200 single player missions featuring pixel art worlds with over 300 characters. The game supports both touch as well as mouse/keyboard controls along with the support for Xbox Controller.

Rocket Riot offers a splash of modern art with colorful 8-bit style visuals that are engaging and fun to play. Give it a whirl by downloading the game from the link below, and let us know how you like it.

Rocket Riot
Rocket Riot
Developer: Codeglue
Price: $3.99

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