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The Microsoft Translator team has taken to the MSDN blog to announce that you can now fine tune your translations using categories with Translator for Bing. The availability comes after the categories feature was introduced in January for use with the Microsoft Translator Hub, and now finally make its way in Translator for Bing on the web.

To use the categories feature to get text translations related to the topic at hand, all you need to do is type “?category=xyz”, where xyz is the category, at the end of the URL. For example, if you're looking for text translations on technology, you would type, Currently there are two categories, "tech," and "speech," but more are on the way.

According to Microsoft, the categories feature is perfect for, "If you need to translate related, speech-based content, or frequently translate short passages using terminology unique to your business or industry, category-enabled translations."

With the categories feature, Bing Translate has become smarter, and now not only considers general language data, but (with the user input from categories) can now  come up with a translation that is tailored to the topic or individual organization. As per Microsoft, there are two types of categories: standard categories to fine-tune your translations based on the subject matter of the content and Hub category IDs for customized translation systems.

The Standard categories allow for users to improve their translations by telling Microsoft Translator what type of content is being translated. On the other hand, with Hub category ID's you can add your own unique category ID and build  customized translation systems that understand your own unique terminology within your business and industry. To use the Hub, however, you will need to first sign up for an account with Microsoft Translator.

To learn more about the new categories feature, you can check out the full blog post here. As always, though, please do let us know how you will be using categories, by dropping us a comment below!

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