Find my phone! helps users locate their Windows Phone handset

It's quite common for most of us when we misplace our smartphones, either at work or home. This can be a hassle if you can't remember, but there are apps which can help you locate your device remotely from other devices. If you're one of those users, you should give "Find my phone!" a try.
The app does exactly what its title suggests. You can install it on your Windows device as well as your phone, and set it up. Getting started is quite easy: after installing it on your Windows device, just run the app and copy the code shown on the screen. Afterwards, open the app on your phone and enter the key. It's as easy as it gets.
To locate your device, just launch the app and press the locate button. It gets even better, the app also comes with Cortana integration which give Windows 10 users the ability to use the digital assistant to locate your smartphone. Just ask Cortana, "Where's my phone?" and your smartphone will start ringing.

Find my phone!
Find my phone!
Price: Free

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