Find a better picture with Bing’s new Image Match


Find a better picture with Bing's Image Match

Searching online usually means carefully choosing a selection of keywords to home in on what you’re looking for, but things are slightly different when it comes to images. The old adage tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words, but once you have managed to find the graphic you want to use for something, how do you go about finding a better quality version if an image happens to be low-res? Type out a thousand word search? With the latest update to Bing, it is now easier than ever.

Image Match is a new feature that does very much what the name suggests — it helps you to track down a better version of a particular image. There is no need to work out the best way to describe the fact that you want a higher resolution version of that funny monkey picture as it is now possible to use an image to perform a more advanced search.

Perform your image search as normal and then look to the area beneath the image preview. Here you’ll find a new Image Match button which will do the hard work of tracking down the same image for you in different sizes. Quick and simple!

But it doesn’t end there. You can also paste the URL of an image you want to find and you’ll be provided with a list of alternative versions, and you can also upload an image from your computer if you don’t remember where you found the original copy. Test drive the new features at