Final episode of Rise of the Tomb Raider video series "Woman Vs. Wild" is all about the tombs

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Crystal Dynamics have uploaded the final chapter of their 3-part video series for Rise of the Tomb Raider, "Woman Vs. Wild", in which explanations of new game mechanics are presented in a storytelling format with smooth narrations, nicely blended with gameplay footage and breathtaking in-game sceneries. The third and final episode, titled "Deadly Tombs" is--you guess it--all about the tombs in the new game and the new ways Lara can employ to get to them, and get past them to obtain some juicy rewards.
A new tomb discovery mechanic found in Rise of the Tomb Raider is introduced in the in the form of a Translation System. Specifically, through exploration and interaction with murals, ancient scrolls and more, Lara can now learn 3 forgotten languages, and when she's proficient enough, supposedly translating them into useful information inside the game that will help her discover secret areas, tombs and crypts.
Of course getting to the tombs is one thing, exploring them is a complete different beast. True to the previous game and more, the puzzles come back ever harder, traps ever deadlier, all to impede Lara's progress. The scales of the tombs have also become even more  massive, with nested, multi-layered puzzles that spans wide, spectacular ancient structures and environments, and combat sprinkled in.

Besides the main tombs that add to main game progress, there are also optional challenge tombs that appears off the beaten part. These challenge tombs have very specialized, interesting themes, and even harder puzzles.
Of course, the rewards seems worth the challenge here, as completion grants you access to "Ancient Abilities," a new reward in Rise of the Tomb Raider that gives you special perks, like shooting 2 arrows without reloading, exploding arrow or new traversal methods. These perks will stay with you the whole game and sweeten the playing experience even more.
Crypts have also made a comeback, providing tight, "claustrophobic" environments and compact puzzles as a nice change of pace from the grand sceneries you may be used to during the adventure. Visit the Tomb Raider blog for more information about these new challenges.
Overall, Rise of the Tomb Raider is shaping up to be an awesome entry to the series and a new height to the exploration games made popular by its predecessors. The game is an Xbox exclusive for now and is set for release on November 10. Stay tuned for our coverage of related news, deals and more.

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