Filetype icons for Office get their own redesign, now available for Outlook for iOS, OneDrive, Android coming soon

Laurent Giret

Now that the icons for the Office apps, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams all got a Fluent Design update, Microsoft unveiled today new redesigned filetype icons for Office files and more. Erin Woo, Product Designer at Microsoft revealed the new icons on Twitter today, and you can see them all in the GIF below.

The new icons includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint files and OneNote notebooks, but there are also new icons for media files, URLs, and more. They look quite consistent with all the other Microsoft apps that recently got a Fluent Design refresh, and keep in mind that the company is still in the process of rolling out Fluent Design updates to all of its products.

For now, these redesigned filetype icons are available on Outlook for iOS and OneDrive, with Android coming soon. Let us know your thoughts about these new icons in the comments below.