FIFA 15 Companion app is now available for Windows Phone — Get kicking!

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FIFA 15 Companion app is now available for Windows Phone – Get kicking!

A new football season, a new FIFA. Hate EA all you want, but who are we kidding? People probably love the FIFA franchise more than they like playing football themselves. But who can blame them? The game is mad addictive, and particularly thrilling when playing online or against friends. The FIFA franchise has never been more exciting than it is this time around with FIFA 15; the addition of better goalkeepers, advanced ball physics, and an interactive, dynamic environment to play in takes the in-game realism to the next level.

Following the release of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game which you can download now for Windows and Windows Phone, you can also download the FIFA 15 Xbox One companion app on your phone. The app allows you to manage your FUT squads, bid for and sell players, and buy packs in its market. You also gain access to your EA Sports Football Club activity, news, and notifications. A new feature called Concept Squads introduces a way for players to powerfully manage and plan the squads for their winning teams.

To get the app running, you must have an Origin account connected to FIFA 15 on either the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 or 3, or PC. You’ll also need a FIFA Ultimate Team club of your own of course. The companion supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch currently and replaces the older FIFA 14 companion app, as EA tends to do once a new iteration of the franchise is released.

If you meet those requirements, what are you waiting for?! Download the FIFA 15 Companion app on your phone by hitting the download link below and get the game up and running on your console or PC, if you’ve even shut FIFA 15 off since release of course.

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