Fhotoroom for Windows 10 Mobile updated

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Fhotoroom is one of the stronger photo apps on the Windows store, serving not only as an editing tool, but also something of a social network. Fhotoroom allows its users to upload photos, tag them, and let other members of the community view and comment on their creations. For photo enthusiasts that like to engage with other photographers, an app like Fhotoroom is great to have around.
Fhotoroom recently got an update on Windows 10, adding new editing tools, support for larger images, and other features and bug fixes. Now, the folks at Fhotoroom have pushed an update out to Windows 10 mobile. The update features a new way to search, new community tags, a new user interface, and a series of other small tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes. For those of you who have made a home in the Fhotoroom community, you should check out these newest changes and see if you like them.

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