Fhotoroom: No Windows 10 Mobile app because 'Microsoft hasn't paid us in 5 months'

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Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone app that allows you to do all sorts of cool editing to your photos. It’s jam packed with features and has quite a following of loyal users. Unfortunately, Fhotoroom has been bombarded with one question over and over again: “when are you releasing a Windows 10 Mobile app?”
Fhotoroom has taken it to Twitter to reveal something quite shocking and embarrassing. The reason there hasn’t been a Windows 10 Mobile app is because Microsoft is behind in payments by five months. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Based on these tweets, Fhotoroom was getting paid every month via direct deposit. No other details were revealed.
“We have tried to stay silent but the simple reason there is no W10M app for fhotoroom is because Microsoft has not paid us for 5 months. When you get dozens of emails everyday for W10M issues, it finally seemed the only way to communicate.”

Was Fhotoroom being paid to have a fully functional Windows Phone app? Did Fhotoroom imply they weren’t receiving their Windows Store earnings? They weren’t quite clear. The latter seems more believable.
Fhotoroom claims to have reached out to Microsoft every other day but keeps getting the cold shoulder, and obviously the frustration became real and Fhotoroom went vocal on Twitter hoping to get a favorable response. “There are very good ppl at Microsoft but the process to deal with is extremely painful.”
We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment and we’ll update this story once we hear from them.
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Update: Fhotoroom has tweeted the following statement: “To clear up so misinformation, we are not MS employees, and we do not get paid to develop fhotoroom for Windows.” Sounds like this issue they are facing has to do with their Windows Store revenue.
Update 2: We’ve reached out to Microsoft and the issue has been resolved.

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