A Few Changes to the Site, Including Forums

We have been pretty busy the past few weeks. We have been working hard to tightly integrade social media services into the site. We introduced several new features to the site, including Google+ support, Twitter login support, and a Facebook Like box.

We are also introducing a new section of the site called “Guides.” Pretty self explanatory, this section will cover any important guides worth noting. Right now, we have three categories for the guides section. Windows 8, Windows 7, and Other. Once Windows 8 hits beta, expect to see more helpful guides on the topic.

You have probably already noticed that we have unplugged our forums. It was sitting idle with not as much activity as we hoped, therefore we unplugged it for now. Our forums offered nothing new to our users, as there are many forums across the internet. We have decided to go back to our roots and simply provide news. As the site grows and our user participation increases, we expect to open the forums again so our members have a place to discuss things. Our news comments section is still open and will be heavily emphasized throughout the site.

The site will be much faster now and hopefully better.

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