Feedly introduces OneNote integration, free for users until April 17th

Hammad Saleem


Feedly is one of the most popular RSS services available on the internet right now. The company has worked hard since the demise of Google Reader, and managed to introduce a couple of exciting new features, as well as a paid service dubbed as Feedly Pro that offers users with many useful features. Recently, the company introduced OneNote integration, allowing users to save articles to OneNote with a single click.

Until now, the feature was available as a part of Feedly Pro, but the folks at Microsoft has generously decided to sponsor OneNote integration for free until April 17th for all Feedly users. To save an article to OneNote, simply open the article and you will see the OneNote icon below the post title, or at the end of the post. Simply click on it and you’ll be asked to log in with your Microsoft credentials, and voila! You’re done.

Feedly Pro costs $5 per month or $45 per year, and offers users with a wide range of features including Evernote, LinkedIn, Readability and Pocket integration, better search tools, Buffer and IFTTT support, custom sharing abilities, and much more.

Do you find OneNote integration to be useful? Will it be good enough to make you spend $5 on Feedly Pro? Let us know in the comments below.