Feedback: Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn's key to success

Feedback: Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn's key to success

Rudy Huyn is a French Windows Phone developer known for his series of excellent ‘6apps’ for Microsoft’s flagship mobile operating system. He’s filled the app gaps when official developers refused to do so and has thus developed a great reputation for himself among the Windows Phone community.

6tag (Instagram client) and 6snap (Snapchat client) are prime examples of the work he’s done, both apps have over 80,000 ratings with an average star rating of 4.5. In fact, 17 of his 18 apps on the Windows Phone Store are rated 4 stars or more, and he has a total of 15 million app downloads. His key to success? Listening to user feedback.

“I always try my best to satisfy users. When I develop an application, I share information with my followers on Twitter: screenshots, ideas, videos, and beta apps. Since I’m creating my applications for others, I need to know what they think” said Rudy Huyn in an interview with Microsoft.

Feedback: Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn's key to success

His smart approach to app monetization also helps in ensuring he can continue to cover the costs of running the servers that power his apps while also making sure that the in-app ads do not harm the user experience.

In apps like Huyn’s TVShow, users only access the app for about 20 seconds per day or less, so earning money through ads is not the way to go, so he used a lite and full-version strategy with in-app purchases. While on his social apps, like 6tag, 6tin, 6sec and 6snap, where users access the apps several times a day for several minutes at a time, low-key banner ads are a more sensible option. Integrating his apps to one another is another way to self-promote; where 6tag for example can save content to CloudSix (his Dropbox client).

Feedback: Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn's key to success

“I have used various kinds of in-house advertising for my apps: I list all my apps on the ‘about’ page of any one of my apps, and when my advertising providers don’t send content, I display custom ads for apps I’ve developed.” – Huyn

So there you have it. ‘Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!’ is his key to success, along with some smarts from his end. It’s good to know what Microsoft seems to have adopted that same motto, judging by the software giant’s transparency with Windows 10’s development, good things are bound to happen.

Check out the full interview over at the VIA link below, and if you haven't already, you can download all of Huyn's apps for Windows Phone right here.

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