MegaUpload shutdown by feds, has nothing to do with SOPA

MegaUpload, one of the world’s largest filesharing sites, has been shut down by authorities “among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States” but has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding SOPA.

Gizmodo has just broken news that MegaUpload, one of the largest filesharing sites in the world has been shutdown by the authorities today. The site was shut down today, but according to the website it did not coincide with SOPA.

The CEO of the website, Swizz Beats, also the husband of Alicia Keys, was indicted on charges “of over $500 million in lost media revenue from hosting pirated media.” According to the website stats, they had over 150 million registered users and 50 million people who visited the website each day.

The coincidence in this event is that SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) is being protested by many sites around the world including Wikipedia, Google, and other popular American sites. The law/act hasn’t even passed yet, and the government has already shut down one major company.

At the moment, seven employees of the company have been arrested, with four of them locked up, but it is unsure “if one of them is Swizzy himself.”

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